What is High-Performance Coaching?

High Performance Coaching is an influence process that leads to discovery, decision making, performance improvement, and a better life.

Most people want more out of life.

A Certified High Performance Coach partners with you to work toward your ambitions. Your ambitions will fall into one or more categories: Personal, Professional, and/or Physical


High-Peformance Coaching & Fulfilling Career Formula

Hi everyone! I'm Ian Coletti.

Building Legacy High Performance & the Fulfilling Career Formula has been an incredible journey of growth and learning. I'm immensely proud of the positive impact I've had on individuals and businesses, helping them achieve peak performance, realize their full potential, and build sustainably fulfilling lives. There is nothing like being congruent with your purpose!

As I reflect on this chapter, I'm excited to explore new avenues where I can leverage my passion for leadership, operational excellence, and coaching to make a meaningful impact.

I've enjoyed working with domestic and international customers throughout their lifecycle, from sales to sunset, and with literally every function in a company = jack-of-all-trades. 🛠️

I'm actively seeking opportunities as a Director of Implementation or Business Operations where I can utilize my skills and experience to drive growth, foster cross-functional collaboration, and empower teams.

Onward and Upward! 🚀

Please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn!